Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I keep forgetting to post these!

My walk thing.

And my dance/walk to music

OK DONE. -runs-

Tuesday, June 10, 2008



Soooo time for another assessment. These storyboards yeah.

Draft 1

Draft 2
Draft 3

And I ended up liking draft 2 the most so I redid it <:

Monday, May 26, 2008


So yess... I've got this animation assessment thing here I shall be posting.


I'll throw in a few images I've been drawing in soon aswell. Haha. -has done a lot-

Sunday, April 20, 2008


YEAH TAKE THAT! I dunno. Ian pushed my pose even further so I did it even more! >:U -does that when she feels challenged- I still see things that could be fixed lol.
Poor Pollun's back could break if I kept bending him more xDD;


Oh dear I have my reasons for looking forward to Tuesday and NOT at the same time. My mum finally comes home from the Philippines (she's been gone for a month) though I'm gonna have to wake up at 4am to go to the airport to pick her up. I have enough trouble waking up at 7 e___e;; Then I have SBIT to go to HAHA. I get the feeling I may pass out in class ):
So there's a sorry in advanced to Jane and Ian if I do.

Anyways I was looking at the ARC and a question there was posted;
How far can you take your character poses"
And it gave me the idea of redrawing a pose that I had done before Ian engraved 'LINE OF ACTION' deep into our cerebellums. So I took an recent image of Pollun- which I already thought was dynamic. How wrong I was xD

I guess just more proof to show that line of action makes such a huge difference (:;;

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Ok so today when I get home I check my messages and someone has given me a link to this article from Animation World Magazine

Basically if you're too lazy to read it's something like US government is trying to pass a bill known as 'Orphan Works' which allows people to take other works th
at they find on the internet and sell it without the artist permission- at least thats in his language.

Here's a diagram I found :D

Ok so you get it now?
At first upon reading that article I did feel a tinge of fear, and wonder if it would affect us Australian's even though it's an American bill. But I started looking around- and it wasn't too hard to find more info on it, deviantART was chock full of journals with opinions from 'this is bad for all artist' to 'this is bullshit.'

In perhaps a more reasonable explanation
Orphan Works are things where the original artists cannot be contacted. Maybe they're dead. Maybe they've permanently relocated to an uncharted island in the middle of the Pacific. Maybe they've been abducted. Who knows?
The point is, nobody will ever be able to ring 'em up and ask permission to use their song/picture/statue, so if you can prove you've but some effort into finding him, the permission's not necessary. The artist's friends and family members can pay to keep the copyright protected (a dollar or so every few years), and if the artist himself shows up somewhere along the line, he's fully compensated.

Though this bill already tried to be passed 2 years ago but it didn't get through. I'm stuck with mixed emotions because it's hard to find out the truth about it.

Is it really going to put the artists in trouble? Is it all bullshit? Should we drop it? Would we be willing to take that risk? Does it even affect the people OUTSIDE the US?

Hell what do you think?

Oh shi- thunderstorm ;A; -runs and hides-

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3D jump


So thanks to SBIT I'm loosing a lot of money. I may as well have grabbed half of my money and flushed it down the toilet.... actually no. Cause at least I'm getting a lot out of SBIT xD Though I've started doing comissions and stuff for some cashes. Horrah. Yeah that's the biggest news I have for the normal section.


Ok so time to submit my armless jump-a-rooooo.



Thursday, March 20, 2008


Ha today I was just scribbling about like I do when I'm bored and before I knew it I made up a new character.

I call him Pollun. By the looks of his design he looked like a cat mixed with a bee. So what did I do? I made him communicate like the bees. Through


I think I'll love to use him in experimentation of flash. I tried my hardest to break away from the animu look. Though I'm pretty much fused to the style I can barely tell. Anyways that's all I have for now.

Ha I made a short flash of him dancing (8

Pollun Dance from Danielle J on Vimeo.

Inbetweening on flash is annoying ha. The onion skins are a bit too dark...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Viewing blogger at SBIT has been blocked so I'm just testing to see if you can still post stuff.

Monday, March 10, 2008


So I've been drawing more perspective kinds of drawings, which I'm glad about because I was having a lot of trouble with it. Though I bet after I finish off the next picture I have in my head I'll run into an art block again.


So here's some of my recent works;

This pic I did last night. I actually stayed up till 12:30am finishing this cause.. I dunno. It was lots of fun to colour (:

This is like a part 2 to the previous image. MY PET STONE GOLEM GOT BIGGER :D
Lol well if you notice the date I actually did this in January. It's actually a tattoo design I made for myself and a friend. IT'S AWESOME HUH?!
So that's all I have for the normal stuff. ON TO....


We started the basics in Maya. LOL my head hurts from it though I've gotten the gist of it.
The second jump just gave me so much trouble. But after an hour or so and a few shreds of hair I finally got it. So here's the next assessment.

Jumping Post from Danielle J on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


OK well time to throw in a few works.

I'd have more if I were home so I'll probably edit some in later on in the day.

I drew this a few months ago but I finally coloured and inked this a few days ago. Oh yeah I'm a Sonic fan ): Though this is one of my characters Torn. He's usually a human, I just turned him into a hedgehog for fun LOL.

This was the layout image for Jane's class. At the beginning I wasn't intending for the pirate to look like Jack Sparrow... but in the end I just decided to do it ahah. OCTOPUS.
And finally... umm... I did this in Jane's class too... I think lol. Or maybe it was Terry's. Just another test of scanning, threshold and colouring (with a mouse e___e; )
Oh I love dragons sooooo <3
And thats about it. I'll try and put in more later.

New Pic (: Just some penguin. He wants your liver.

(Edit: OMFG what the hell!? How come it doesn't let you full view them?! Oh blog spot. You fail me ): )

Monday, March 3, 2008

Falling Tree


Hmmm well I don't have much to type in my 'normal' area cause actually right now I'm in class OHOHOHOHO.
I'll make up to you (who ever reads this) by flooding my next entry with many illustration sketches. Cause I'm kind like that.


The weekly assessment. This time it was a falling tree (:

YES. It's a tree. I actually ripped-off the design from Ian. YOU INSPIRE ME SO.
But what he said was true xD I don't think I would've liked having to draw 46 frames of realistic trees. Enjoy!
Ok for some reason the embed code isn't working. So you'll have to follow the link.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Work


I finished the sketch I threw in my can last night. OH YES.

I tried using the threshold on the sketch instead of just going over it again in photoshop. Such a time saver ;___;

Also today in class I did my first flash using the symbols in symbols


A new assessment!

For the past month I've struggled to draw. Yeah I know I've made some illustrations but they were made with much difficulty and lack of patience, which doesn't happen normally.

Finally today though I could draw things with ease! ;A;! -very happy-
The characters are from the MMORPG "Maple Story". The clothes aren't from the game though, I made it up because I had no reference when drawing the characters 8D; I hope to CG this one in time.


Week 3 horrah. And we've started working on Flash now. Ahaaa I love flash. I've used it a few times so I knew some of the tools and such. Though I never knew how to do tweening lol. It just confused me but now that I know I wonder how it was so hard for me to learn xD; Oh boy.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bouncy Ball

Ok so finally I have an animation to put up here. It's nothing incredibly special mind you xD
Its only a ball bouncing around for an amazing 4 seconds.

I've only started using Adobe After Effects. So far its giving me headaches, only because I don't understand everything yet. All it takes is practice though! -determined look-

Lol I can't remember.. was this an assessment?

Bouncy Ball from Danielle J on Vimeo.

Oh and a quick edit. I finished the pic :D

Monday, February 18, 2008

Still no animations yet aha. But I still like to update blogs and since I somewhat refuse to make journals on deviantART now I've been bottling up a lot of online journal thoughts LOL.

But anyways, week 2 at SBIT has commenced and already I can feel some knowledge influencing my illustrations and how I go along with my process. Especially with backgrounds. I used to do the annoying process of sketching the background AND character on the same sheet of paper. Haha, oh god it's a real bother when you can't manage to get your character to actually fit with the background in matter of size.

I admit thats one of the things I need to practice most when it comes to drawing, sometimes I can't even manage to draw full bodies (mainly cause I can't fit them on to the page) so I tend to shortcut a bit, oh naughty me ):

Also I need some practice with backgrounds in general, I'm getting tired of the plain backgrounds (but most of the time they're so plain cause I don't plan ahead and end up drawing the character first). In my opinion you'll end up with a better product if you can think of a background setting, sketching a small idea of a background and then thinking of how you're character can fit in smoothly.
(I'm lacking this a lot lol)

So today, feeling kind of inspired for a full on pic I searched through some magazines for some background refs and to spark some ideas and here's what I got.

Then I simply drew my character on a seperate sheet

And thanks to the oh so lovely program Photoshop I scaled the character image down on to the background giving me this.
Next time I'd like to add more of a perspective and angle shot. Anyways expect to see this CGed soon.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well ok hmm...

Hi there.
My name is Danielle though I like to be called Az (Ay-zee... but i don't really care how you pronounce it haha).
So I've been drawing my whole life yes and at the beginning of the week I started a course in animation. Yay. I'm sooper psyched.

The soul purpose of this is because one of the animation teachers wanted us to make a blog and stuff and he'll probably see this...

HI IAN! :D -waves frantically-

Now... I don't have any animations to show yet. So I guess I can throw in some of the illustrations I've done in the past:

As you can tell. I dig the anime style.

Though I don't mind experimenting with others, it's all such fun.

As you may notice on the images it tells you my deviantART account. You'll find more of my lovely crap there.