Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Work


I finished the sketch I threw in my can last night. OH YES.

I tried using the threshold on the sketch instead of just going over it again in photoshop. Such a time saver ;___;

Also today in class I did my first flash using the symbols in symbols


A new assessment!

For the past month I've struggled to draw. Yeah I know I've made some illustrations but they were made with much difficulty and lack of patience, which doesn't happen normally.

Finally today though I could draw things with ease! ;A;! -very happy-
The characters are from the MMORPG "Maple Story". The clothes aren't from the game though, I made it up because I had no reference when drawing the characters 8D; I hope to CG this one in time.


Week 3 horrah. And we've started working on Flash now. Ahaaa I love flash. I've used it a few times so I knew some of the tools and such. Though I never knew how to do tweening lol. It just confused me but now that I know I wonder how it was so hard for me to learn xD; Oh boy.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bouncy Ball

Ok so finally I have an animation to put up here. It's nothing incredibly special mind you xD
Its only a ball bouncing around for an amazing 4 seconds.

I've only started using Adobe After Effects. So far its giving me headaches, only because I don't understand everything yet. All it takes is practice though! -determined look-

Lol I can't remember.. was this an assessment?

Bouncy Ball from Danielle J on Vimeo.

Oh and a quick edit. I finished the pic :D

Monday, February 18, 2008

Still no animations yet aha. But I still like to update blogs and since I somewhat refuse to make journals on deviantART now I've been bottling up a lot of online journal thoughts LOL.

But anyways, week 2 at SBIT has commenced and already I can feel some knowledge influencing my illustrations and how I go along with my process. Especially with backgrounds. I used to do the annoying process of sketching the background AND character on the same sheet of paper. Haha, oh god it's a real bother when you can't manage to get your character to actually fit with the background in matter of size.

I admit thats one of the things I need to practice most when it comes to drawing, sometimes I can't even manage to draw full bodies (mainly cause I can't fit them on to the page) so I tend to shortcut a bit, oh naughty me ):

Also I need some practice with backgrounds in general, I'm getting tired of the plain backgrounds (but most of the time they're so plain cause I don't plan ahead and end up drawing the character first). In my opinion you'll end up with a better product if you can think of a background setting, sketching a small idea of a background and then thinking of how you're character can fit in smoothly.
(I'm lacking this a lot lol)

So today, feeling kind of inspired for a full on pic I searched through some magazines for some background refs and to spark some ideas and here's what I got.

Then I simply drew my character on a seperate sheet

And thanks to the oh so lovely program Photoshop I scaled the character image down on to the background giving me this.
Next time I'd like to add more of a perspective and angle shot. Anyways expect to see this CGed soon.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well ok hmm...

Hi there.
My name is Danielle though I like to be called Az (Ay-zee... but i don't really care how you pronounce it haha).
So I've been drawing my whole life yes and at the beginning of the week I started a course in animation. Yay. I'm sooper psyched.

The soul purpose of this is because one of the animation teachers wanted us to make a blog and stuff and he'll probably see this...

HI IAN! :D -waves frantically-

Now... I don't have any animations to show yet. So I guess I can throw in some of the illustrations I've done in the past:

As you can tell. I dig the anime style.

Though I don't mind experimenting with others, it's all such fun.

As you may notice on the images it tells you my deviantART account. You'll find more of my lovely crap there.